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We live in a world where people are scared to be themselves, girls try and be someone they aren’t, guys beat the crap out of someone because he’s not the same, and gay people can’t be open about their sexuality, because some person will make their life a living hell if they are open about who they are. I have definitely been called things I’m not because I’m not scared to be myself. Ugly, fat, weird and so much more ive heard it all. Yeah I am happy with who I am. But that doesn’t mean those words don’t hurt. When people point out one of my flaws I just want to sit and cry and believe me I have a few times. At the same time no one actually has the right to say those things. That kids gay? He’s just as much as a person as you are. That girl has different clothes? Hey guess what I’m sorry you have never seen an individual before! That girls too skinny? Well she used to be called fat and shes been starving herself for a long time. That boys always alone? Maybe no one will give him a chance! That kids is a druggie? Maybe he is abused at home and hes bullied at school and he thought that was the only way he could get rid of the pain. Their are so many reasons people are the way they are and you know what? Some things we just can’t change. We are people not barbies. We can’t be perfect but we can accept people the way they are and be their for one an other but we don’t do that. Stop judging people for the way they look or act that does not always define them as a person! Everyone is beautiful in their own way. If you are a person that is a victim of any of this just remember that if you work hard you will be the successful one in the end and all the ignorant pricks that brought you down are gonna be looking up at you. Don’t give up. It gets better I promise ♥

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